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Seasonal safeguarding reminder for Door Supervisors

Christmas is coming, and pubs and clubs will soon be full of Christmas get-togethers, office parties, and people celebrating the arrival of the holidays. It is also a time when some people can find themselves in a dangerous situation, either inside a venue or out on the streets, and in need of extra protection.

Door supervisors can make a big difference to the outcome of a night out by intervening to assist a vulnerable person in trouble and helping them to make it home safe.

We want to reinforce some of the key messages from our SIA-mandated door supervisor training and emphasise the importance of safeguarding vulnerable people in the night-time economy.

How can a door supervisor help to keep vulnerable people safe?
Recognise the risks to vulnerable people being ejected from, or refused entry to a venue, the risks include:

Being under the influence of drink or drugs
Being assaulted
Being alone
Receiving unwanted attention
Domestic violence
Being too young to look after themselves
Becoming the target of a sexual predator

What actions can be taken by a door supervisor to protect vulnerable people?

Call a friend or relative to assist them
Call a licensed taxi to take them home
Use a ‘safe haven’
Ask street pastors or street marshals to assist
Call the police

Can you recognise behaviours that could indicate potential sexual predators? These often include:

A lone male seen pestering a customer or member of staff
A heavily intoxicated female leaving with a male
A regular attendee frequently leaving with different intoxicated females
Finding a date-rape type drug on a person during a search

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