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I just wanted to bring your attention to the quality of Eddie Sidaway’s work.

I’m a retired police officer and have been a trainer for the Met’ police, a TEFL teacher (teaching English as a foreign language) a SCUBA Divemaster,and a self-protection and martial arts instructor for many years so I would hope that I know what constitutes competence and what doesn’t.

Eddie was extraordinarily good. The group he had on the course I was on could easily have been disruptive and caused difficulty in the sessions, and in lesser hands would have done just that. But he controlled our group with real skill, professionalism and insight.

His knowledge is impressive – both in terms of the physical/practical aspects of the course and in terms of relevant legislation and best practice, and was always delivered within a clear moral/legal framework. Furthermore, he facilitated the entire course without once posturing or displaying conceit. Nor did he self-reference except when appropriate. That in itself deserves to be recognised because it is – especially in a man who is as physically capable as he is – very rare. It demonstrates real character.

So, in conclusion: he is a credit to your company and to his profession, and I won’t hesitate to recommend him or you (indeed I already have referred some people to you – I hope that bears some fruit)!

Very best wishes,

JeffReading Jan 18 DS Course
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